Our Murano Glass Charm Bead Jewellery - what's the difference?

10 February 2018


There is A LOT of charm bead jewellery of varying quality for sale online at the moment.

People often ask what the difference is between our Murano glass charm jewellery and the cheaper items found on sites such as eBay? We are also asked how our charm jewellery differs from the leading brands such as Pandora or Trollbead?

We thought we would take the opportunity to provide a bit more detail on our range of Murano glass charm jewellery and Murano glass charm beads and try to answer some of these questions.

Our full range of Murano glass charm jewellery can be viewed here:

Bead design and quality
Our Murano glass charm beads are made by the same craftspeople that make our jewellery beads. Each charm bead is individually handmade in Venice and uses the finest materials, including 24-carat gold and pure Italian silver foils inside the bead itself. The skill required to make all of our Murano glass beads is amazing and can only be found in the most talented Venetian craftspeople. This is reflected in the quality and the design of our charm beads.

In fact, bead design is one of the ways we feel we differ from leading brands such as Pandora and Trollbead. We believe the design of our Murano glass charm beads offers a wider range of creative choices when compared to leading brands, which are sometimes limited to a few design styles or constrained by colour range for a specific season.

The quality of our Murano glass charm beads is also reflected in the use of .925 silver cores, made in Italy and stamped ‘Murano Italy, .925’.

Our range of Murano glass charm beads are compatible with leading brands such as Pandora or Trollbead and many of our customers buy our beads to add to, and enhance, their existing charm jewellery. It is testament to the quality of our range of Murano glass charm beads that our customers are happy to add our beads to their existing jewellery without compromising the quality and the ‘look’ of their expensive, branded jewellery.

Silver charm bead bracelets
Our silver charm bead bracelets are 3mm Italian-made Sterling silver snake chains, and contain combinations of our most distinctive and beautiful beads. Our silver charm bead bracelets are also compatible with beads from leading brands. This means you can add your existing beads to our bracelets, or combine them with our own beads to make up your own designs. The chains are 18cm (7.08 inches) long with a 3.5cm (1.3 inch) extension chain with a silver spearhead. Our silver charm bead bracelets also come with two Sterling silver ‘stopper’ beads which are silicon filled. 

Interchangeable silver charm necklets
Our silver charm necklets are also Italian-made Sterling silver and are 18 inches long (45.72cm). What makes our charm necklets special is that they are ‘interchangeable’ - enabling you to add your own beads (or more of ours) to the necklet to ‘stack’ them and make up your own designs.

Many of our customers who have a collection of charm beads (or a very full bracelet) add some of their beads to our one of our necklets. This provides them with a matching necklet to go with their bracelet and offers another way to make use of their precious beads.

Leather charm bracelets
Our Nappa Leather Charm Bracelet Collection features premium quality nappa leather with a handmade Murano glass charm bead. Our nappa leather charm bead bracelets are available in a range of design combinations and are currently not ‘interchangeable’. We carefully select the leather on our bracelets to offer the most unusual and striking colour options which are then paired with a complimentary (or contrasting) Murano glass charm bead. This means our designs are ‘unique’ and you are unlikely to find a similar bracelet in the shops or elsewhere online.

Our range of leather charm bracelets offer fantastic value and can be worn either to compliment your existing charm jewellery or as a standalone piece.

We hope this provides a little more detail on our range of Murano glass charm bead jewellery, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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