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Simply Murano creates Murano glass jewellery which is authentic, stylish and beautiful.

We use ONLY  100% genuine Murano beads as the focal point of our jewellery Collection. 

All our Murano glass beads (our Murano ‘Jewels’) are handmade to order by master craftsmen in Venice - we never use the cheaper alternatives made in other parts of Europe and the Far East seen in other jewellery claiming to be ‘Murano’. We work only with the best workshops in Venice who create the finest quality Murano glass beads, many of which incorporate 24 carat gold, white gold and pure (1000/1000) silver foils in their design.
Our handmade Murano glass jewellery Collection includes Murano necklaces, Murano bracelets, Murano pendants (specialising in the finest quality heart pendants), Murano earrings and Murano rings. We regularly add new designs to our jewellery Collection.

Our jewellery is equally suited to being worn at work, for lunch and leisure, or for more formal occasions. Simply Murano jewellery is a perfect complement to your existing gold, white gold and silver jewellery.

Our Murano Jewels - 'Miniature Works of Art'

The Murano beads used in our handmade jewellery are created for us by some of the most skilled craftsmen working in Venice today. Such is the quality of the Murano beads used in our jewellery, we refer to them as our Murano ‘jewels’.

Only the finest quality Murano glass and precious metal foils are used to create intricate patterns and rich colour combinations which only the best Venetian craftsmen are capable of producing. Beads can take a significant time to create and could be considered ‘miniature works of art’ in their own right.

Our jewellery Collection make extensive use of these Murano ‘jewels’ and we hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy creating them for you.


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