Murano glass necklace - Esta Ruby


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Murano glass necklace - Esta Ruby Photo

Murano glass necklace - Esta Ruby Photo Murano glass necklace - Esta Ruby Photo

This Murano Glass necklace features handmade Murano glass rich, dark ruby 8mm beads containing pure Italian silver foils which have both depth of colour and a subtle beauty.
These beads are combined with ice blue/silver 6mm beads, also containing pure Italian silver, which compliment the rich colour of the ruby beads.
The colours of this stunning handmade Murano glass necklace change sheen dependant on the light source - shimmering in bright light and rich and dark in more natural light.
Each bead in this Murano glass necklace is handmade by the finest Venetian craftspeople.
The clasp is .925 Sterling silver and is Italian-made.

Handmade 8mm rich dark ruby and ice blue/silver Murano glass beads.
Each bead has pure Italian silver inside the bead.
19 inches (48.26cm) approx. long.
Supplied in a gift box.

We use only genuine Murano jewels, handmade in italy by craftsmen, to create jewellery which is authentic, individual, stylish and beautiful.

We use genuine Murano glass ‘jewels’, handmade by craftspeople in Venice, to create Murano glass jewellery which is authentic, individual and stylish

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