Murano glass charm bead silver bracelet - Palermo


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Murano glass charm bead silver bracelet - Palermo Photo

Murano glass charm bead silver bracelet - Palermo Photo Murano glass charm bead silver bracelet - Palermo Photo

The Palermo Murano glass charm bead bracelet has two beautiful 14mm x 10mm handmade Murano glass charm beads in subtle light pink, studded by specks of Italian silver to give a subtle shimmer to the beads. The centrepiece of this bracelet is a stunning handmade bead also in light pink, with a dramatic black swirl and a special ‘stripe’ of cerise coloured silver foil running down the centre of this very special bead.

These handmade Murano glass charm beads are complimented by two 9mm Sterling silver beads which are silicon filled and also serve as ‘stoppers’  to hold the beads in place on the chain.

The beads can be adjusted on the bracelet to be worn ‘loose’ or ‘tight’ by gently twisting the silicon filled Sterling silver beads to achieve the desired fit.

Each Murano glass charm bead is handmade in Venice, has a Sterling silver core and is stamped ‘Murano, Italy - .925’.

The bracelet chain is a 3mm Sterling silver snake chain, made in Italy, which is 18cm (7.08 inches) long with a 3.5cm (1.3 inch) extension chain with a silver spearhead. This chain is also compatible with Pandora and Trollbead charms (which can fit on to a 4mm chain), enabling you to add your own charms to the bracelet if you so wish.

This beautiful Murano glass charm bracelets is a high quality, versatile piece of jewellery which you can wear ‘out of the box’ or customise by adding your existing charms. It is a bracelet that you will wear again and again with formal or more casual styles.

Three 14mm x 10mm, handmade Murano glass charm beads.
Two silicon filled Sterling Silver beads.
3mm Italian Sterling Silver bracelet, 18cm long with 4cm extension chain.
Supplied in a gift box.

We use only genuine Murano jewels, handmade in italy by craftsmen, to create jewellery which is authentic, individual, stylish and beautiful.

We use only genuine Murano glass ‘jewels’, handmade by craftspeople in Venice, to create Murano glass jewellery which is authentic, individual and stylish

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